Official Inspection Station Wants Your Vehicle to Pass!
OIS Service Helps Your Car Pass-And Keeps Your Car Going All Year Long

Most of us have been there. Our vehicle inspections are due, so we take time off, try to find the nearest inspection station to pass our car quickly and be done with it. Then something simple gets in the way: a bad brake light, a worn wiper blade, a missing gas cap. Now what? We’ve got to run around and get these little details taken care within 15 days or we have to PAY AGAIN for re-inspection.

Sound like a hassle? It is! That’s why Official Inspection Station offers our OIS Service*, a convenient option that’s in addition to your vehicle inspection. For only $6.50 at the time of inspection, our exclusive OIS Service takes care of the things you may need NOW to pass inspection and takes care of the little things your car needs all year long – for a full year from the date of inspection!


OIS Service includes:

  • FREE Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • FREE Gas Cap Replacement
  • FREE Brake & Power Steering Fluid
  • FREE Re-Inspection UP TO ONE YEAR
  • FREE Pre-Heater Hose
  • FREE Copy of Inspection Invoice (if you lose your inspection sticker)
  • 45% OFF Windshield Wiper Blades or Refills
  • 35% OFF Headlights (ea)
  • 35% OFF Turn Signal and Brake Light Bulbs
  • 35% OFF License Plate Lamps

PLUS, OIS Service allows you to pull into ANY Official Inspection Station location and have your car’s windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid and power steering fluid topped off FREE ALL YEAR LONG. You don’t even have to leave your car!

You’ll get DEEP DISCOUNTS on parts and more, all good for the life of your inspection sticker. Just hang on to your invoice! All the details are on the back. OIS Service is just one more way we make your inspection more convenient.

Sign up NOW for OIS Service, we’ll send you a yearly
“DUE NOW” reminder along with a money saving coupon!

*All adjustments, services and repairs are in addition to the inspection fee, the customer retains the ability to decline.